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Traveling to HAWAII Feb 2007

HAWAII was OK but not a big adventure

In Feb 2007 we took a cruise through my class at college to HAWAII.
The cruise included going to most of the Islands while I was taking class about History of Hawaii.
One thing we learned through this trip Not to board any cruise again in our lives.
The cruise was catering to lazy old population who just eat, eat, eat,,,,and sleep....not our style.
MAUI, Kiwii, Was beautiful islands with great scenery but still the cruise was a huge disaster.
If you are young and love to travel to ruin your travel with cruise that feeds you 24 hours a day.
The water fall

The water fall



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We loved the Monarch butterfly

Breath taking scene from Monarch butterfly

We loved the Monarch butterfly... It is breath taking scene.
"Every fall, huge numbers of Monarch Butterflies gather in southern Canada to migrate. Until recently, it was not known where these butterflies went. We now know that some Monarch Butterflies travel over 3,100 kilometers, just to overwinter in places like Michoacan, Mexico. More specifically, these butterflies usually congregate in a small town in Michoacan called Angangueo. Some other Monarch Butterflies winter in Cuba or California. These long flights pose great danger for the butterflies, especially from predators." (from Mexico travel)



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Traveling as a family

Traveling to Michoacan Mexico 2006

"We were sick of resorts and fancy hotels " That what my husband and I always mentioned after our horrible experience in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico in 2000.
One day my husband asked a contractor from Mexico which place in Mexico it worth to visit that we could interact with the locals but also enjoy the place.
The contractor said: "you should go to Michoacan, Morelia. My husband called me and said book the tickets to Morelia. OK I SAID having no idea where this place located on the map and what things to see there.....I booked the tickets for the 3 of us. Bader, I, and Emma. The time was Dec 22-31.
It was a straight 3hours and 40minutes flight to Morelia. The first thing we did is hopped on a taxi and asked to take us to a clean hotel. We ended up in hotel that was ok but not that clean. We were eager to find a better hotel once we get the sense of the city. The first thing you notice is it huge Catherdel and churches.


We Added 2 new members to the family Yury born 2007, Yuliya born 2009



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