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Vancouver Canada

Quick getaway in Beautiful Nature city....Vancouver

13 °C

My Friend Yurie and I decided to travel to Vancouver. The flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver is quick and easy...2:15 Minutes and you are in
Vancouver. The first thing I noticed is that the airport is so clean and easy to find your way around.
If I need to summarize my experience in this City then I can say Friendly People, Beautiful Nature and Easy access to everything.

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Traveling to JAPAN 03/15/18

Not What I expected.


Going to Japan was one of my children dream. Yury, enjoyed watching travel episodes about Japan. So once We have the chance and Of-course
Tickets on sale we all embarked on Journey to JAPAN During the spring of 2018.
JAPAN IS CLEAN, SAFE, everything you hear about Japan is right. HOWEVER, Being in Tokyo and observing people going in and out of the subway, and going from Home to work is the only thing that you see. I felt that they were wired like machine.
YES, I agree that Technology is big and everyone is glued to their I-phone but there was no human touch.
We did though meet one of our couch-surfer who showed us around which was really nice and very welcoming.

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Traveling to Israel for 6 Weeks

June 6 - July 25

90_IMG_0370.jpg90_IMG_0365.jpg90_IMG_0364.jpg90_IMG_0363.jpg90_IMG_0385.jpg90_IMG_0381.jpg90_IMG_0379.jpg90_IMG_0378.jpg90_IMG_0377.jpgSo I and my family went traveling to visit our homeland.
my roots trace back to small town called Daliat El Carmel. Every Time, that I visit I see the big changes that happened to my town
Having a good friend made my journey easy for traveling every day to different town.
Mostly our traveling was to the North....the Galille was our great spot due to the fact it has water and the kids enjoyed Kayaking.

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Today at my children school I was asked by one parent "What are you doing for the holidays?" I said we are traveling to Mexico.
So the following question came Are you going on a cruise? or resort? I said Frankly NO. We are going into Adventure to Mexico.
(I hope the parent didn't have heart attack). Almost every time we said we are going traveling to Latin America, we get questions Do you have family
there? why you are going to dangerous place? What is there to see or do?
Frankly, Mexico is an enormously varied country, and traveling from one part to another can seem like traveling between different worlds.
We are amazed by the Pyramids and the culture around it so we thought visiting Vera Cruz and starting in the North part and making our way to middle of the state.full-veracruz_l.jpg
This trip We are focusing on El-Tajin which was home to the Totonac Civilization between AD 700 AND 900.
We will start our Backpacking Adventure.....

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Stop #4 Getting to Sweden

Our longest Stay of 9 days was in Sweden....

So from Berlin we headed to the airport to take our flight to Stockholm then Sweden. However once We arrived at the airport
Our flight was canceled due to Pilots Strike. (Mt friend Emma in Sweden joked that "we never have strikes in Sweden") Well this is the first one.
So I have to find another airplane that goes to Sweden. I asked around but everyone was booked or it was very expensive. One of the guys in the information desks suggests that I go to SAS airline since my ticket with them and try to re-book the ticket. Waiting with 2 children in Berlin Airport was durable the kids were reading while I was waiting. Another traveler behind me in line suggest that I check my email maybe the airline re-direct my tickets. Sure enough Orbitz, re-booked the tickets through Norway. Well I will be in Norway for 1 hour then fly 45 Minutes to Gothenberg.
We made it to Sweden and our friend Emma picked us up from the airport.
Our adventure in Sweden was filled with family time, mid-summer festival, and a lot of outdoor activities.

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