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Flying to Denver, Colorado

Snow, Storm, and Sun

Took 4 day weekend vacation to catch up with a friend that moved to Colorado.
I took the kids with me and took a direct flight to Colorado. At the airport the flight was delayed due to Snow storm.
I packed just one back bag since I an visiting a family so I don't need much to carry thing with me.
The children were great on the flight although Yuliya 2 years old won't sit still on her seat....She didn't like the idea of fasten her
seat belt. Yury enjoyed looking from the window all the time. I was happy it is just 2 hour flight....no complaints....
At Denver Airport, there were not a great sign to get out of the airport....somehow you need to walk downstairs and again up stairs to exist...
so strange.....Anyway asking people was very helpful.....Finally we got out of the airport and Brenda was waiting for us....YAY.....
The first thing you see is Snow, Huge space....took us 30 minutes to arrive to Brenda's house in Louisville....
I touched the snow it is Fluffy, like salt and soft.....400262_320..36310_n.jpg430194_321..08562_n.jpg396690_321..92101_n.jpg407741_321..32481_n.jpg
Hiking, biking, snowboarding are some of the activities that most of the people are engaged in here.
Boulder was just 10 minutes away from Louisville.....

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Driving and Camping in Baja California, Mexico

Going South to Mexico


As family tradition every year we travel around the holidays to any place that we can find cheap airline tickets
or place that we really want to explore. This year we decided to go camping to Mexico. I know that many peoples
are afraid of going South b/c of all the drug war and the dangerous associated with it. We just don't like the fear to hold us
down. So we packed our Hybrid Honda Civic car and went to Baja California. The same route was made by our Couch-surfers from Germany a month earlier
though with their own bikes. We crossed the borders and went to Ensenada where we camped for the night. The campground is Called La Canada that is always packed during the summer but empty during the winter. The next morning after having Crepes and coffee we continued down to San Thomas. We stopped in the way and had some snacks and Mexican Food. We drove south until we stopped at San Quantin. It is such a small place but is not that developed. This night we decided to stay at Hotel...which cost just $51 for clean and big room. The Villa hotel was recommended by 2 Canadian that were
traveling from Alberta to Mexico with their motorcycle. After a sightseeing in the town...we found Molino Vijeo that took us forever to find.....

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Camping in Joshua tree

Thanksgiving in Joshua tree

Well, we got our couch-surfer from New-Zeland with us. We drove all the way at 10 freeway East from Los Angeles toward palms Spring.
The drive is not bad from Los Angeles thought the kids always asked us are we there yet. It took 2 1/2 hour from West Los Angeles.
We camped in Black Rock site. At the campsite we met locals that decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at the campsite. Well, we were amazed at
the quantity of the food that the people have. They were generous and offer us to eat with them for Thanksgiving lunch and dinner.
Pictures will follow....


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Camping outside los Angeles

Food, Family, and fun

Having all the gears for camping make it easy to camp anywhere....IMG_5650.jpg
We been through 4 camping trips so far....Malibu Creek state park, Leo Carillo, and in Mexico.
We are planning another trip to Joshua tree during Thanks giving holiday.
My children love camping b/c they can climb the trees, run, bike, and look for ants or insects. It is great chance to meet other families with children.
These pictures are courtesy from KIM MIN....Thanks Kim for camping with us and taking these great pictures.IMG_5666.jpgIMG_5691.jpg



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Camping with Children

Camping is fun and more affordable than any other vacation

Camping, Camping and Camping is such an amazing adventure in itself.. So After a camping trip in Sweden with my 2 children at the time, sleeping in Tent
in cold weather. I said to myself if I made it through the night then I will survive any other camping trip.
Sure enough, in the morning I was determined to start another chapter of my life and camp as much as possible.
Well back in the United States, My husband is addicted to buying merchandise online so he bought all the equipment essential for camping.
My children love putting the 2 tents together and love biking their bikes, scotters, and eating along the 2 days camping.
Now after 3 camping trips and the 4th in its way we are going for 5 days camping to Mexico.
Pictures will follow..........

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