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Took train from Paris to Amsterdam

We boarded the train from Paris Nord Station to Amsterdam...the trip took about 4 hours....The children enjoyed so much....It is more comfortable than an airplane....The minute that we arrive Amsterdam station....The people are nice and very helpful....I asked around where I can take the tram #9 to be at my friend house on the East of Amsterdam...we got out of the tram and got on bakery where the kids had middle eastern Pizza....while I asked which way I need to walk in order to go to my friend's house....I love the smell of the city....we found our way and put our luggage and went out to walk around the city...It was almost noon so we walked to a park that many people were heading to...we found out that it was Festival of the end of Slavery....So many people from Surinam and different part of Africa...where everyone came with their traditional custom....It was amazing to see so many people in one place with different nationality , different kind of food.....We stayed at the festival until the kids got their energy out....Then I have to find my way back home....That was task sine I didn't know which direction is the North....However the Dutch people are very warm, welcoming and helpful....They rush to your help.....I love the spirit of the people....We stayed one night at my friend's house....where he gave us the use of his flat but he was traveling in Barcelona....The next day after light breakfast of cereal we rented a "bakfiets" It is bike that the kids can sit down in the front and you bike everywhere We rented it for 2 hours....We went back to the flat at 3:00pm and got our bags and put them in the bakfiets and returned to the center where we returned back. We walked 10 minutes to the train station and we bought a ticket to Eindhoven....The ride took 2 hours because they were working on the track so I have to switch trains....However there were free Wii-Fii where we talked to Bader on Skype....and people were very friendly with the kids and helping me find the next connection.....either with checking the train schedule or just tell me which station I need to exit....even somone lend me a cell phone to call my couch-surfer host to tell her I will be late to arrive at the train station........Finally we made it to Hogolon a small village about 25 minutes from Eindohaven.....Loved seeing our couch-surfer Roel and carlijn......

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Going outside Paris into the chamapnge Region

We visited a couch-surfing family outside Paris.....

We took a train from Paris Gare station to Champange region about 1 hour....The tickets to the train cost €31 for 1 adult 2 kids....
Philip our host waited for us at the station and took us to his beautiful home.....we were so excited to meet his 2 daughters and his nice wife.
The kids jumped on the trampoline and fed the donkeys while I napped under the sun for 10 minutes....At night we walked to the festival of the summer
it is once a year...I am so lucky to get the chance to see all the locals of the village and eat local food....the kids watched a clown show...and eat crepes while I chatted with the locals.....Everyone was so friendly to us and happy to see forigner coming to their town.....
We stayed at the festival until 11;00pm where the kid were exhausted and fell asleep so soundly.......
The next day June 30 we went to Nigoland....It is very nice place to go where the kids enjoy the rides....and it is cheaper than Disney Euro or Land.
We paid €54 for 3 people....We stayed there the whole day until the family put us on train back to Paris....
pictures will follow.....

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Our Trip to Europe and Israel June 2013

Long we have been waiting for this Trip

I and my 3 Children will be heading to France, Netherrland in the end of June....
The preparation to the trip could be a huge task but I know from traveling with Kids that we don't need much...
Will update the blog as we move along....
Our first stop will be Paris...We are taking 12hours flight from Los Angeles to Paris. We will be hosted by couch-surfer family in Paris. We couch-surfed 3 years ago with the same family....We can't wait until we see them again.
The kids did sleep well on the flight between LA To Paris. So we did arrive safetly in Paris international airport....We took two metro under we arrive to
the Nation station where you can get lost easily if you don't know the direction.....We finally did it by arriving at our host family....Thomas the son was waiting for us with the key....we just put our luggage and went to find something to eat.....We got some rice and noodles at the corner of the metro stop..
Then the kids went and played at the local park. Paris has some many local parks in different districts... Our host family flat was in district 16.
At 8;30pm we were so tired but happy to see Tatjana and her daughter clarisa....Even the cats recognized us bc they welcome Yury with scratch on the nose....I love Paris but not more than 2 days....We did the tourist attraction...especially Eiffel tower......

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Puebla, Tezopitlan, TAXCO in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico from Dec 23-31

602888_101..963671628_n.jpgI am always in the look for cheap tickets to any destination. I have found tickets to Mexico for about $300 a person via volaris website.
We took our flight via Volaris airlines to Puebla. This city is about 2 hours from Mexico city and very charming and quiet place
compare to the capital Mexico D.F. As usual we don't do any reservation in any hotel in advance....we just go with the flow. We took Taxi from the airport
that cost about 150 Pesos which is $12 USD. In small towns usually we ask the taxi drivers to take us to hotels that they are familiar with. We checked in Hotel called El- Senorial which cost about 600 Pesos which is about $47 USD it is walking distance to the famous Puebla Market and the Artist quarter.
You could spend 2 days in Puebla in order to complete the whole town. For us it was great to meet Roberto local couch-host who showed us around and took us to different places around the city.
The next day we went to Tezpoitlan in Curanvaca. This place is famous for the Pyramid on the top of the mountain. The hike to the Pyramid is about 1hour and half. It is steep mountain with many steps. Traveling with kids, they are going to complain, cry and fuss...we went through all this however once we arrived in the top it was worth it....There we stay in someone's house for about 500pesos about $39. The next day we packed and took taxi that took about 2 hours staright to TAXCO...the taxi cost 1000Pesos about $78USD. TAXCO is known as the Silver town for its famous silver mining. Taxco is in State called Guerrerro. It is very narrow town and its church is seen from all over the town. I think one day is enough to explore the whole town.

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Driving to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

So much fun driving to Ensenada

Driving South across the border is such an adventure in itself.
From Los Angeles to San Diego it took us about 2 hours with stopping for breakfast which was Hummus and pita bread in a resting area.
Then heading to Tijuana. The minute you cross the boarder you already feel you are in different culture and that is great b/c just 2 hours and half from Los Angeles and you are in Mexico. There are two streets one called "Couta" that means toll highway (which we took) you need to pay $2.30. Between Tijuana to Ensenada there are 3 of these station. You end up paying $6.60. The other alternative is the old street where it goes through the small towns and you don't have to pay.
We stopped in Down-town Ensenada for Lunch...Eating Taco "el-pastor"...the kids are so happy when food is coming to the table...and it is great not to cook during vacation. We continue to our destination which is "LA Canada" which is camping ground that have all the facilities that a family needs.
The kids swum in the pools, ate fish tacos, and had ice-creams. Yury and I did Canopy. It was great experience for both of us.
In this trip, we discovered the old route of wines...It appears that Baja California has more than 60 wineries.
We went to one of the Winery names Santo Tomas. We had wine tasting, cheese, bread. Bader, my husband bought some wine to take with us home. I didn't know that Mexico has good quality wine and for cheaper price.

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