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In search of the Oysters

Trip to Oaxaca and Puerto Escandido in Mexico

sunny 28 °C

So as Usual I booked our flights 6 months in advance to Mexico. This time I was lucky enough to have areo-mexico Sale on tickets
So I booked the round trip tickets for 5 of us....If you are wondering if I spend me too much money....I can just let you know that it is cheaper
to go to Mexico than go to Las Vegas.
We started our Journey with 3 bags as usual....so we don't need to check any bags....Dec 23 we left to Mexico City from Los angeles the flight is about 3and half hours then we connected to Oaxaca city which took about 50 minutes....
Once we arrived in Oaxaca we went to Hostel called Don el Nino which located in buento Juaerez about 8 minutes walk from the center. It is clean hostel with many backpackers that come from Europe. The night cost about $60 for private room just for us and bc it is holiday season.
for single bed it cost $16. We began our walk of the city and the first thing that you notice is the colorful walls everywhere....Oaxaca is famous for the artist movement and use of colors to paint figures usually of animals......The food is so amazing in Oaxaca.....You eat taco in the street carts or even hamburgers and hot dogs and everything is delicious.....Moreover, the typical Oaxacaian food is great such as Mole verde, Mole rojo, etc....
In the Mercado, you go inside huge warehouse that full of mini kitchens and every one try to grab you to their kitchen....You smell all the food you can think of.....Well we wanted to head out of the city to Puerto Escandido...for its beautiful beaches. The ride from Oaxaca city to Purto Escandido took about 7 hours with car sick all the way.....It such a rough road with curves all the way until reaching your destination. OMG, we made it with 3 kids to Puerto Escandido in Dec 25. The sea is so clear and the sand so fine that it is fun to just look at it. The kids jumped right in the ocean it is warm water
and the kids stayed all day in the beach. We even had the chance to visit the turtle Reservation where volunteers take care of Turtles that got sick in the ocean. The kids had the chance to see huge Turtles. We ate fish all day long. from fish taco to fish fillet to fried Fish....all caught in the same morning from Puerto Escandido. Fresh and cheap... We have been to Puerto Escandido 6 years ago and I recall that by walking on the beach there is usually man with buckets full of Oysters. This time, I looked for the Oyster man but nowhere to be seen....The following day we went to different beach that have almost nobody there about 2 miles north of Puerto Escandido....There we saw Huge formation of the rocks and beautiful private beaches for anybody to use.... so we just hopped in and sat down in one of the most relaxing beaches ever....The kids played in the water looked for shrimps, crab, and fish....which is by looking by your bear eyes you can see all of the above.... to go back for my search for the Oysters and Oyster catcher....By walking and jumping in the water I noticed a man cleaning something behind a rock so I approached him and Voila This was the Oyster Man. I ate 12 of them for 100 Pesos that equals $10. A little history about Puerto escandido, it is fisherman village that was discovered by the hippies in 70 and everything still relatively cheap however recent years a lot of Americans and Mexican from D.F comes every Dec to spend their vacation in Puerto Escandido so Prices sky rocketed since our last visit 6 years ago.
We spent the last 2 days in Oaxaca city and went to Monte ALBAN which is archiological site that has pyramids from 800 A.D ...2013-12-31_15_00_36.jpg2013-12-28_15_44_31.jpg59E49AEF2219AC681739BFCF3DFC056A.jpg2013-12-26_14_34_06.jpg2013-12-28_15_45_05.jpg2013-12-28_15_45_17.jpg2013-12-31_11_50_04.jpg2013-12-31_11_50_22.jpg

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Traveling through Israel

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Well so we took the air-plane from Paris to Israel....The line was insane long......That they have to call my name to get pass security to make it
to the gate....Well traveling with 3 kids could be challenging especially in the airports where you need to check your bags and get the kids to go through security.....and then find the seats in the airplane.....The kids were very excited to visit my home town and see all the family.
My Dad picked us from the train station in Haifa....It was great to see my Dad although I have to look for my train tickets for 5 minutes until
I recall where I put them.....to exit the station....sometimes the security guard can be rude and un-considerate especially that I know I got the tickets
but have no clue where I placed them. Finally, I found the tickets and we are in our way through Haifa to my HOME-TOWN DALIAT EL CARMEL..
I love the mountains the scenery going to our town.....I can't stress how beautiful the nature surrounding our town.... The kids were running around the house and the neibourhood to explore everything.....We went to the farm where we surrounded by nature.....We love the fresh air, the view...
The children made friends right-away....Emma my eldest started traveling from one home to the other...meeting people, friends, girls her age...
well it is fun being around family after not seeing them for 3 years....Visitors, friends, Family fun time just began.....
Pictures will follow soon.........

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I fell in love with the country side of Netherland

From Amsterdam down to Hoogloon

I can't fully describe our full adventure at the country side in Netherland. The train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam took 2 hours due to maintains
so we ended up being late to the next train however people in Netherland are so nice and helpful...They are ready to help you with their iphones, information...I didn't have to run around like crazy with 3 kids looking for trains schedule...I was great-full to all the helpful people that helped me around. Still this world has nice people.
We had such great time in the "duke town" in Netherland...I loved the company....Roel, Carlijin, Gregory have been a great host for us....from
tour guide to driving us around, and keeping up with my 3 children....
Moving to different place...Dennis and Marije came and picked us up from the "Duke town" to go to their town about 45 minutes from Amsterdam.
We loved seeing our host since we haven't seen them in 3 years ago. We ate Pizza and shared stories until we were tired to sleep.
The next morning we started our tour by picking berries and buying organic ice-cream. We even saw the chicken and picking their eggs....
We couldn't ask for more relaxed fun day around the town. The kids played soccer with Dennis until they dropped the ball in the creek. We managed to hang two sticks together with rubber band and tried to grab the soccer ball. Success in the end.....
I can't say how happy we were to run around and see all the touristy area in Netherland....The famous mills....The cows....the large green fields....
Well I think Netherland is one of my favorite place.....

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Traveling through the country side of Netherland

Loved the life in the country side

carlijin and roel my host family are so great. The kids loved being with roel. We went for walk in the forest...the trees are greener...we saw cattle everywhere....Hoogloon is small village where some farms produce their own milk, Yougurt and Cheese....The taste of cheese is unbelievable...
The children loved running and climbing everywhere....we even stopped and fed grass to Sheeps, deers.....It was a great experience for the kids...
The sun doesn't go down until 10:30pm....We have to pretend it is night to go to bed......
We cooked great meal with our host family....I made Rice, beans and Salad.....Always sharing a meal with friends is the best thing I can ever think of...

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Took train from Paris to Amsterdam

We boarded the train from Paris Nord Station to Amsterdam...the trip took about 4 hours....The children enjoyed so much....It is more comfortable than an airplane....The minute that we arrive Amsterdam station....The people are nice and very helpful....I asked around where I can take the tram #9 to be at my friend house on the East of Amsterdam...we got out of the tram and got on bakery where the kids had middle eastern Pizza....while I asked which way I need to walk in order to go to my friend's house....I love the smell of the city....we found our way and put our luggage and went out to walk around the city...It was almost noon so we walked to a park that many people were heading to...we found out that it was Festival of the end of Slavery....So many people from Surinam and different part of Africa...where everyone came with their traditional custom....It was amazing to see so many people in one place with different nationality , different kind of food.....We stayed at the festival until the kids got their energy out....Then I have to find my way back home....That was task sine I didn't know which direction is the North....However the Dutch people are very warm, welcoming and helpful....They rush to your help.....I love the spirit of the people....We stayed one night at my friend's house....where he gave us the use of his flat but he was traveling in Barcelona....The next day after light breakfast of cereal we rented a "bakfiets" It is bike that the kids can sit down in the front and you bike everywhere We rented it for 2 hours....We went back to the flat at 3:00pm and got our bags and put them in the bakfiets and returned to the center where we returned back. We walked 10 minutes to the train station and we bought a ticket to Eindhoven....The ride took 2 hours because they were working on the track so I have to switch trains....However there were free Wii-Fii where we talked to Bader on Skype....and people were very friendly with the kids and helping me find the next connection.....either with checking the train schedule or just tell me which station I need to exit....even somone lend me a cell phone to call my couch-surfer host to tell her I will be late to arrive at the train station........Finally we made it to Hogolon a small village about 25 minutes from Eindohaven.....Loved seeing our couch-surfer Roel and carlijn......

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