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We made to Cologne Germany 2nd Stop in our Europe Trip

Our Host Family in Cologne-Germany....

We boarded a train from Paris to Colon. It is very fast train that takes about 4 hours....
our Train was in time and without any problems. The kids enjoyed speaking with other travelers at the train.
Our host Meysam was waiting for us at the train station and was great seeing him after so many years. (we know Meysam from couch surfing)
We stepped in Germany and everything looks clean, nice, YES they are so accurate with their time.
We had so Much Fun in Kolon.(The german way of writing the word)
It has a great PARKS.....We call them power core parks..... The kids loved Colon Mainly for the parks and nice apartment that we stayed in.
Thanks Meysam and Sana for making us feel at home.....we have so much great memories with both of you.

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We made it To Paris France #1 Stop In our Adventure

Generosity of my Hosts....

Booked the tickets way in advance I found charter airline that runs from LAX to CDG for less than $800.
The kids were so excited to go and see friends all over Europe. Leaving LAX at night and arriving Paris in the afternoon is great option when you are traveling with kids. Again I didn't check any bags. We had a total of 3 bags.
Arriving at CDG Paris was filled with emotions since our host from couch-surfers Tatiana was waiting for us. (We know Tatiana for 6 years hosted us all the time when we visit Paris). She always has smile on her face and ready to help us on anyway we want.
The kids got over the jet-lag faster than I did. They slept well and adjusted to life in Paris. My mission was that the kids speak French as much as they can. The first thing I told my kids I don't speak French so you need to do all the talking. Of-course my Son Yury was great at this task. Every time we went to the Bakery Yury did the talking paid for the baguette and the desserts. My Daughter Yuliya was shy however found friends to play at the parks where she practiced her French. Day 1 in Paris was great with dinner at Tatiana's house and playing with the cats that the kids missed. (I don't think the cats missed the kids!!!!!)

Our 5 days in Paris were like Magic....The kids loved seeing all the parks and also we had a chance to see our Friend Reem.

This our beginning of adventure that is lasting 5 weeks.....We will come back to Paris at the end of the trip.....
Stay Tuned to an adventure of one Mom and 2 children across Europe.

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Count Down for our Europe Adventure

List of Items need to be packed in our 3 bag-backs

We are one month away from our Adventure to Europe. I and my 2 children going to start our adventure in France, then heading
to Germany, Sweden, And Copenhagen. This trip is mainly to see all my friends that haven't seen for long time and also to explore new places.
I and the kids will couch-surf all the way and find our way across town. However always I get the same question What things to pack in our back-bag especially traveling alone with 2 kids? The rule of thumb that I found to be useful while traveling is to keep clothes to 5 pieces each.
5 pants/5 shirts/5 undies. Also just one extra sandals. Also, while traveling on airplane I wear layers of clothes.
It will keep me warm in the airplane. Since I am staying with friends I have access to washing machine. We do not check any back-bags, we carry everything with us. Each child has his own back-bag that includes their clothes and favorite books. Always the best part of traveling is the children learn so much about engaging with other travelers and not being glued to electronic devices.
We are ready for traveling. One Mother with 2 children, 4 countries......


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Food, Food, and Food

Non stop eating

Maybe it sounds like and Aweful title....However home-made food was the highlight of the trip. People show their love through cooking.
Cooking is not just eating it is part of ritual that embarks a lot of family gathering and talking about many topics. Usually in my culture everyone in the
household help in when guest come over by preparing the meals and sitting together. Many dishes are prepared with fresh produce that could be
found in the near farm. My mother still in the idea that cooking at home is the best thing a mother can do....even though sometimes she is tired
of cooking...she has been cooking for more than 45 years non stop.... I don't blame her if she is tired sometimes....even though she never complains
The beautiful people that I love were surrounding me with their smile and open heart and warm wishes....My grandparents are getting old
however they are still in the same spirit. They still love me with no conditions and feed me Figs, strawberries, and wants to do everything that I just stay for more than just 1 hour....

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Love the smell of the baking bread....smell of the oak trees

the smile of the people warm my heart

Two years have passed since last I have been to my Town. I looked at the houses, trees, streets, people....rush of emotions came through me...
It is my childhood that has been shaped in this small village that is not small anymore...Some people passed away...some people get married
some living somewhere else. Life is so different for me as outsider looking at town that once upon time was part of my life.
Without judging I went across town looking for faces that once I knew....The person at the pastry shop that I used to stop by and get all pastry.
At the grocery where My mom used to send me to get Milk and fruits and vegetables. Wow we used to have more responsibility than our children
now days. Some people recognized me right away...some people took a glance and two then came back and hugged me.
Well the truth is that I don't recognize most of the people anymore. All the new generation has different needs and desires that My old self
doesn't fit their anymore.

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