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Stop #4 Getting to Sweden

Our longest Stay of 9 days was in Sweden....

So from Berlin we headed to the airport to take our flight to Stockholm then Sweden. However once We arrived at the airport
Our flight was canceled due to Pilots Strike. (Mt friend Emma in Sweden joked that "we never have strikes in Sweden") Well this is the first one.
So I have to find another airplane that goes to Sweden. I asked around but everyone was booked or it was very expensive. One of the guys in the information desks suggests that I go to SAS airline since my ticket with them and try to re-book the ticket. Waiting with 2 children in Berlin Airport was durable the kids were reading while I was waiting. Another traveler behind me in line suggest that I check my email maybe the airline re-direct my tickets. Sure enough Orbitz, re-booked the tickets through Norway. Well I will be in Norway for 1 hour then fly 45 Minutes to Gothenberg.
We made it to Sweden and our friend Emma picked us up from the airport.
Our adventure in Sweden was filled with family time, mid-summer festival, and a lot of outdoor activities.

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Our train from Ravensberg to Paris

Well 5 weeks and half is still felt short for summer adventure with my children.
In Paris my host already traveled to the states and while I am staying the last night at her apartment.
We made it to Paris and the kids wanted to eat soup that our host took us the first day that we went to Paris.
so with my sense of direction that sometimes I lose!!! we made it to the Soup place in Paris.
5 different kinds of Soup and for $5Euro you can be really full......
To get out of Paris to the airport we need to take the train that goes to the direction of CDG which finally we made it.
In the airport everyone was very helpful especially when they see you with children.
Heading Back to Los Angeles in July 10.

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Crossing from Denmark with train and Fairy to Hamburg Stop 6

The train attached itself or get inside the fairy to be transported across the sea

I think this so far was our high-light of the trip that we first experiencing that the Train leaves from Denmark
to go on Fairy. The huge boat opened up and the train got attached inside on rail. This ICC Train operates during the summer.
The trip was very peaceful and the view is amazing.
We made it to Hamburg train station. From there we need to make our way to our host family that lives about 30 minutes out of Hamburg.
So first thing we did is get something to eat in which this case was easy to find good Burgers that the kids devoured.
Then we went to the information desk in which they gave us map and direction to where to get the metro to the destination we need.
My German host family were so great that the kids communicated very well and I wish we stayed more than one night.
I had a great conversation with the host family and we enjoyed great dinner and breakfast with them.
For sure we are going to visit them again.

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Stop # 5 Copenhagen

Heading to Denmark


Going to Denmark is always felt natural thing to do. Visiting my Friend Katia and her family always make me happy to see them.
Katia met us at the main train station. Wow always with smile and great personality. She came with her bike and took the 3 of us to her place.
Her place is very close to copenhagen Main Train Station. The three days that we spend with Katia were magical and flew by so fast.

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Heading to Ravensburg Stop #7

Ravensburg our southern town in Germany

In Ravensburg at the train station we met Achim and Barbara and Maya.
It was great seeing them again after they visited us on their one year cycling tour around Latin America.
The town is so beautiful with lakes and nice scenery.
We stayed 5 days and we enjoyed being in Ravensberg. The children were very happy cycling around and going to the lake. We even
went to the forest and had mini-picnic.

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