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Our train from Ravensberg to Paris

Well 5 weeks and half is still felt short for summer adventure with my children.
In Paris my host already traveled to the states and while I am staying the last night at her apartment.
We made it to Paris and the kids wanted to eat soup that our host took us the first day that we went to Paris.
so with my sense of direction that sometimes I lose!!! we made it to the Soup place in Paris.
5 different kinds of Soup and for $5Euro you can be really full......
To get out of Paris to the airport we need to take the train that goes to the direction of CDG which finally we made it.
In the airport everyone was very helpful especially when they see you with children.
Heading Back to Los Angeles in July 10.

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We made it To Paris France #1 Stop In our Adventure

Generosity of my Hosts....

Booked the tickets way in advance I found charter airline that runs from LAX to CDG for less than $800.
The kids were so excited to go and see friends all over Europe. Leaving LAX at night and arriving Paris in the afternoon is great option when you are traveling with kids. Again I didn't check any bags. We had a total of 3 bags.
Arriving at CDG Paris was filled with emotions since our host from couch-surfers Tatiana was waiting for us. (We know Tatiana for 6 years hosted us all the time when we visit Paris). She always has smile on her face and ready to help us on anyway we want.
The kids got over the jet-lag faster than I did. They slept well and adjusted to life in Paris. My mission was that the kids speak French as much as they can. The first thing I told my kids I don't speak French so you need to do all the talking. Of-course my Son Yury was great at this task. Every time we went to the Bakery Yury did the talking paid for the baguette and the desserts. My Daughter Yuliya was shy however found friends to play at the parks where she practiced her French. Day 1 in Paris was great with dinner at Tatiana's house and playing with the cats that the kids missed. (I don't think the cats missed the kids!!!!!)

Our 5 days in Paris were like Magic....The kids loved seeing all the parks and also we had a chance to see our Friend Reem.

This our beginning of adventure that is lasting 5 weeks.....We will come back to Paris at the end of the trip.....
Stay Tuned to an adventure of one Mom and 2 children across Europe.

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Going outside Paris into the chamapnge Region

We visited a couch-surfing family outside Paris.....

We took a train from Paris Gare station to Champange region about 1 hour....The tickets to the train cost €31 for 1 adult 2 kids....
Philip our host waited for us at the station and took us to his beautiful home.....we were so excited to meet his 2 daughters and his nice wife.
The kids jumped on the trampoline and fed the donkeys while I napped under the sun for 10 minutes....At night we walked to the festival of the summer
it is once a year...I am so lucky to get the chance to see all the locals of the village and eat local food....the kids watched a clown show...and eat crepes while I chatted with the locals.....Everyone was so friendly to us and happy to see forigner coming to their town.....
We stayed at the festival until 11;00pm where the kid were exhausted and fell asleep so soundly.......
The next day June 30 we went to Nigoland....It is very nice place to go where the kids enjoy the rides....and it is cheaper than Disney Euro or Land.
We paid €54 for 3 people....We stayed there the whole day until the family put us on train back to Paris....
pictures will follow.....

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Our Trip to Europe and Israel June 2013

Long we have been waiting for this Trip

I and my 3 Children will be heading to France, Netherrland in the end of June....
The preparation to the trip could be a huge task but I know from traveling with Kids that we don't need much...
Will update the blog as we move along....
Our first stop will be Paris...We are taking 12hours flight from Los Angeles to Paris. We will be hosted by couch-surfer family in Paris. We couch-surfed 3 years ago with the same family....We can't wait until we see them again.
The kids did sleep well on the flight between LA To Paris. So we did arrive safetly in Paris international airport....We took two metro under we arrive to
the Nation station where you can get lost easily if you don't know the direction.....We finally did it by arriving at our host family....Thomas the son was waiting for us with the key....we just put our luggage and went to find something to eat.....We got some rice and noodles at the corner of the metro stop..
Then the kids went and played at the local park. Paris has some many local parks in different districts... Our host family flat was in district 16.
At 8;30pm we were so tired but happy to see Tatjana and her daughter clarisa....Even the cats recognized us bc they welcome Yury with scratch on the nose....I love Paris but not more than 2 days....We did the tourist attraction...especially Eiffel tower......

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My trip to Paris June 2010 Part 2

We met friends from Emma's school and Friends through couch-surfing

20 °C

In Paris we met a friend from Emma school...we spend the day with them at the park.
We went to the famous Champs-Elysees. There we had ice-cream and strolled around.
At the Park, the kids went on some rides, They jumped on the Trampolen.
We spent 4 days in Paris then we met Our friend Mary and her boyfriend and went to Luxmborg Palace. There we rented a mini boat
and with stick Yury pushed it through the tiny lake.P1010630.jpgP1010627.jpgP1010626.jpgP1010632.jpg

Then we headed to another hosting Family outside of Paris. I was astounded to find a huge house and the family gave us the first floor for ourselves.

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