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My friend Mayra and I decided to go camping in the Grand Canyon. We heard so much about this place that we decided to take a road trip.
We rented a car and drove to the Grand Canyon. IMG_7770.jpgIMG_7743.jpgIMG_8024.JPGIMG_7896.jpgIMG_7962.JPGIMG_7936.JPGIMG_8063.JPGIMG_8038.JPGIMG_7989.JPGIMG_7920.jpgIMG_8085.JPGIMG_8006.JPGIMG_7985.JPGIMG_7737.jpgIMG_8050.JPGIMG_8018.JPG

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Meeting Two friends in Boston

My best Friend from childhood is visiting the US and staying in Boston for duration of 2 weeks.
I Took the initiative and went to see her.
This is My second time visiting Boston However this time I spent more time experiencing the history of the city.
First of all, the transportation system is great in New England. With map in hand you can navigate the city.
My friend Julie gave me great direction to exit the airport and take the Silver line and from South Station the Red Line to Harvard stop.
Happy to meet my friend and spend one night at her place after home cooked meal.
The next day after sight seeing in Newton I said goodbye to my friend and headed to meet my childhood friend Souad. She is visiting Harvard
in order to take seminar in Law and empowerment.
catching up while learning about the history of the Tea ship was our favorite times.

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Count Down for our Europe Adventure

List of Items need to be packed in our 3 bag-backs

We are one month away from our Adventure to Europe. I and my 2 children going to start our adventure in France, then heading
to Germany, Sweden, And Copenhagen. This trip is mainly to see all my friends that haven't seen for long time and also to explore new places.
I and the kids will couch-surf all the way and find our way across town. However always I get the same question What things to pack in our back-bag especially traveling alone with 2 kids? The rule of thumb that I found to be useful while traveling is to keep clothes to 5 pieces each.
5 pants/5 shirts/5 undies. Also just one extra sandals. Also, while traveling on airplane I wear layers of clothes.
It will keep me warm in the airplane. Since I am staying with friends I have access to washing machine. We do not check any back-bags, we carry everything with us. Each child has his own back-bag that includes their clothes and favorite books. Always the best part of traveling is the children learn so much about engaging with other travelers and not being glued to electronic devices.
We are ready for traveling. One Mother with 2 children, 4 countries......


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Traveling to Israel Through Moscow Route

Wow What an adventure....

Our backbags were ready...The children did an amazing job of keeping track of their backbags....
We checked in....the first thing we noticed is that each child is sitting separate so the mother instinct worked here that
I requested the youngest child be at least with me and the other 2 children will be together. Lesson learned book seats in advance!!!
However people were very nice in the airplane that they made sure that my children about 5 rows away from me are ok. Yury sat down next to
a person from North California that is great at drawing so Yury had fun chatting with him about mind craft while the person drawing all the characters
that Yury describes. Emma sat next to family that she was comfortable telling them about her school and travel plans.
Eleven hours and 25 flight to Moscow went Fine watched movies most of the flight and napped between one movie to the other.
So far the flight went well.

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Flying to Denver, Colorado

Snow, Storm, and Sun

Took 4 day weekend vacation to catch up with a friend that moved to Colorado.
I took the kids with me and took a direct flight to Colorado. At the airport the flight was delayed due to Snow storm.
I packed just one back bag since I an visiting a family so I don't need much to carry thing with me.
The children were great on the flight although Yuliya 2 years old won't sit still on her seat....She didn't like the idea of fasten her
seat belt. Yury enjoyed looking from the window all the time. I was happy it is just 2 hour flight....no complaints....
At Denver Airport, there were not a great sign to get out of the airport....somehow you need to walk downstairs and again up stairs to exist...
so strange.....Anyway asking people was very helpful.....Finally we got out of the airport and Brenda was waiting for us....YAY.....
The first thing you see is Snow, Huge space....took us 30 minutes to arrive to Brenda's house in Louisville....
I touched the snow it is Fluffy, like salt and soft.....400262_320..36310_n.jpg430194_321..08562_n.jpg396690_321..92101_n.jpg407741_321..32481_n.jpg
Hiking, biking, snowboarding are some of the activities that most of the people are engaged in here.
Boulder was just 10 minutes away from Louisville.....

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