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Day 1

We arrived to Sweden and the kids were so happy to finally make it to our friends house.
Emma, Henrik , Moltas, and Melvin welcomed us into their beautiful home.
I have arranged that my Best Friend Hanan meet us in Sweden.
It happens that it was national day holiday which was perfect for sight seeing.

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Stop #4 Getting to Sweden

Our longest Stay of 9 days was in Sweden....

So from Berlin we headed to the airport to take our flight to Stockholm then Sweden. However once We arrived at the airport
Our flight was canceled due to Pilots Strike. (Mt friend Emma in Sweden joked that "we never have strikes in Sweden") Well this is the first one.
So I have to find another airplane that goes to Sweden. I asked around but everyone was booked or it was very expensive. One of the guys in the information desks suggests that I go to SAS airline since my ticket with them and try to re-book the ticket. Waiting with 2 children in Berlin Airport was durable the kids were reading while I was waiting. Another traveler behind me in line suggest that I check my email maybe the airline re-direct my tickets. Sure enough Orbitz, re-booked the tickets through Norway. Well I will be in Norway for 1 hour then fly 45 Minutes to Gothenberg.
We made it to Sweden and our friend Emma picked us up from the airport.
Our adventure in Sweden was filled with family time, mid-summer festival, and a lot of outdoor activities.

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Traveling to Sweden, Denmark,

Scandinavian countries....

June 12 2008, I and my 2 children headed to Sweden. There we have a family that we know since I was 12years. We were so tired from the long flight that
we crashed once we arrived to their home in the forest. We started our adventure by leaving Monday to another area north of Boras. My friend has 2 children so two moms and 4 children were on the road. We started by celebrating The summer June 20 by eating a lot of "hiring" it is a lot of smelly fish but so tasty. we danced in the forest to bring the sun out......but it was still rainy.....we headed to another part of Sweden where we camped for the night. Also we boarded a ship to Finland. The scenery from the ship was so nice that reminds me of Hawaii but even better.
In the middle of July we boarded the train to Denmark to visit another friend for 2 weeks. It was great it is just took 4 hours and we were in Denmark.
The first thing I realized is that the majority of the shop owners speaking Arabic. (most of them from Iraq) It was easy to go around biking, walking around b/c it is such an accessible city COPEHNAGEN. I stayed with my friends Brigette and Later with katia. The weather was great and finally we headed to the beach...we ate ice-cream every day.....



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