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Getting ready for traveling can be overwhelming, stressful and tiresome. In order to avoid the stress, I asked the children to pack their pack-backs.
Each child will pack his own bag. I am responsible for packing my bag and making sure that everyone else has completed their task.
Usually we don't check any bag in and we take our bags with us. However this time we want to be free from holding the bags and we will check them all in. The airline that we flying with allow 2 bags per passenger for free. Will hope we don't 6 bags for 7 weeks.... A rule that worked in the past for us
we named it the 5 rule which we pack 5 shirt, 5 pants, 5 undies. This rule works if we have access to laundry.

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My partner and the kids went to Saint Petersberg Russia

Adventure with the kids

My Partner took the kids to Russia in the fall. As usual tickets off season are pretty affordable.
So the packing started and each child has his own back-bag. The most important is to have warm clothes
that are also easy to carry. Lucky that my partner had the sense of shopping that he shopped for special clothes for cold weather
The kids at first were not excited because I am not going with them. However I assured them that this trip will be full of adventures.
So the kids went on, had 11 hours of travel time in which they slept and watched movies. The first problem they encounter once being there
is the hotel that we are supposed we booked doesn't exist. Well it looks like there is an IT service where provide Beds however could the terminology
that we use is Fraud. So with the help of locals Bader and the kids found another hotel.
Their first day in Saint petersberg Russia was full of adventure...They went to on a boat tour around the city. From Yuliya's point of view, it was raining, cold but I could see smile on her face from the pictures and the videos.
I will upload more pictures as I go on

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