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After 2020!!!!

Traveling within the limits of pandemic

So since the travel agency got a major hit during the 2020 pandemic and no one was allowed to travel.
I thought we can travel in the US rather than travel overseas.
I and my friend rented a car and went to the National parks in Utah. Trying to capture the beauty and nature in a single shot.... impossible.

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Day 1

We arrived to Sweden and the kids were so happy to finally make it to our friends house.
Emma, Henrik , Moltas, and Melvin welcomed us into their beautiful home.
I have arranged that my Best Friend Hanan meet us in Sweden.
It happens that it was national day holiday which was perfect for sight seeing.

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5 countries With 3 Children

Adventure Traveling to Europe

June Just started and it is time to TRAVEL.

I got lucky that I found 4 tickets traveling From LA to Iceland for only $390 per person.
It was cheaper to travel than stay in Los Angeles and put all the Children in Summer Camp.
So our adventure is going to be 6 weeks....our first stop is Iceland.....
first impression of Iceland, very friendly staff at the airport, though it is very small airport.
We only have 4 hours layover before leaving to Stockholm.
After 26 Hours of traveling....(That why the ticket is cheap)
Los Angeles - Montreal- Iceland-Stockholm-Gothenberg.

We arrived a day later in Sweden.....
My PENPAL for 32 years and dear friend Emma picked us up from the airport.


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Heading to Havana March 15-22

31 °C

For the Spring Break we decided to travel to Cuba. Lucky, I have great friends from Cuba that Live in Los Angeles So I got from them all the necessary information in order to be prepared to this Trip. For start up, there are 2 currencies in Cuba. One for the Tourists and one for the Locals.
1cuc=$1 for the tourist.
So we need to exchange some money in Mexico since we took flight from LA to Mexico and then Havana.
In Mexico city we have to buy VISA CARDS that cost $25 each person. Then you have to fill reasons why you are entering Cuba.
There is one that appeal to most of the Tourists which are labeled People to People.IMG_0918.jpgIMG_0921.jpgIMG_0923.jpgIMG_0922.jpgIMG_0930.jpg
The Cuban Clerk at the airport was very nice talking to us and ask us if we like that our passport get stamped.
So the taxi cost $30 from Airport to our air B and B.
We arrived at our guest house around Midnight.
Classic Cars, Beautiful Buildings and Happy People, these were the first impressions we got from strolling around Havana.
The only down thing is info-structure is still way minimal. Many constructions and remodeling are taking place in Havana.
The next day we took a classic car and went to Vinales. It is beautiful nature, they have the best cigars, honey, coffee crops.

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My friend Mayra and I decided to go camping in the Grand Canyon. We heard so much about this place that we decided to take a road trip.
We rented a car and drove to the Grand Canyon. IMG_7770.jpgIMG_7743.jpgIMG_8024.JPGIMG_7896.jpgIMG_7962.JPGIMG_7936.JPGIMG_8063.JPGIMG_8038.JPGIMG_7989.JPGIMG_7920.jpgIMG_8085.JPGIMG_8006.JPGIMG_7985.JPGIMG_7737.jpgIMG_8050.JPGIMG_8018.JPG

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