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Traveling to the Baltic sea

Estonia, Latvia, Luthenia

Aug 2006 we boarded a ship headed from Stockholm to Estonia. My friend booked for us the cruise ship but the trick is that we just using it
for one night as a transportation mean to Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia. We got off the ship and made our way to the town. The town has a mystic feeling to it. You can walk everywhere and explore many areas....Estonian people seemed friendly and the young spoke good English. The food was amazing, it is meat, potatoes, peat's soup.....L1020476.jpg

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Traveling to Sweden, Denmark,

Scandinavian countries....

June 12 2008, I and my 2 children headed to Sweden. There we have a family that we know since I was 12years. We were so tired from the long flight that
we crashed once we arrived to their home in the forest. We started our adventure by leaving Monday to another area north of Boras. My friend has 2 children so two moms and 4 children were on the road. We started by celebrating The summer June 20 by eating a lot of "hiring" it is a lot of smelly fish but so tasty. we danced in the forest to bring the sun out......but it was still rainy.....we headed to another part of Sweden where we camped for the night. Also we boarded a ship to Finland. The scenery from the ship was so nice that reminds me of Hawaii but even better.
In the middle of July we boarded the train to Denmark to visit another friend for 2 weeks. It was great it is just took 4 hours and we were in Denmark.
The first thing I realized is that the majority of the shop owners speaking Arabic. (most of them from Iraq) It was easy to go around biking, walking around b/c it is such an accessible city COPEHNAGEN. I stayed with my friends Brigette and Later with katia. The weather was great and finally we headed to the beach...we ate ice-cream every day.....



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Our adventure with 2 kids backpacking......

DEC 22 2007 We headed to Mexico again but this time Yury is 6 months old baby and Emma is 5 years old.
We thought going to Puebla will be great place for our 10 days adventures. We landed in Mexico city then with the help of
some people we got on the right bus to Puebla. The city is about 1 hour from Mexico city. If you are going to Puebla don't miss the Mole.
It is very traditional dish meat and coco sauce and very tasty. We ended up going to the zoo driving through the safari.
We left Puebla to Another small town. It was so tiny that we forgot its name. We moved south taking a taxi to nearby town in order to go
to OAXACA. IN OAXACA, we visited Monte Alban and Mitla, pre-Hispanic capitals of the Zapotec and Mixtec people. we visited the town of Santa Maria de Tule, where we saw the famous Arbol del Tule (Tule Tree). The Food in OAXACA is just Amazing, the food is combination of Rice, beans, chicken but in OAXACANIAN taste to it. Everyone that we met mentioned the beach. The only problem it is a rough, and seven hours long. So we decided to give it a try.
It was very rough ride and the kids didn't like it. We have to stop in order to clear the road from huge tree that was blocking the road.
After 7 hours of holding our breath we finally arrived to Puerto Escandido. Well it is worth the whole drive....We loved it the minute we checked in Family
owned hotel on the beach. We just walked in and start swimming in the hot water....At night it was great Market with so much good food such as Fish and the best things about it, it is so cheap.....we loved eating Fresh Oysters from the Ocean.....We loved the shrimp....Bader get hold of good recipe for the shrimp from one of the waiters.....We decided not to take the same route back but to fly back....It just took us 45minutes flying..............
Just to note we enjoyed good coffee and Pastry place in OAXACA.


The Beach In Puerto Escandido


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Traveling to HAWAII Feb 2007

HAWAII was OK but not a big adventure

In Feb 2007 we took a cruise through my class at college to HAWAII.
The cruise included going to most of the Islands while I was taking class about History of Hawaii.
One thing we learned through this trip Not to board any cruise again in our lives.
The cruise was catering to lazy old population who just eat, eat, eat,,,,and sleep....not our style.
MAUI, Kiwii, Was beautiful islands with great scenery but still the cruise was a huge disaster.
If you are young and love to travel to ruin your travel with cruise that feeds you 24 hours a day.
The water fall

The water fall



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We loved the Monarch butterfly

Breath taking scene from Monarch butterfly

We loved the Monarch butterfly... It is breath taking scene.
"Every fall, huge numbers of Monarch Butterflies gather in southern Canada to migrate. Until recently, it was not known where these butterflies went. We now know that some Monarch Butterflies travel over 3,100 kilometers, just to overwinter in places like Michoacan, Mexico. More specifically, these butterflies usually congregate in a small town in Michoacan called Angangueo. Some other Monarch Butterflies winter in Cuba or California. These long flights pose great danger for the butterflies, especially from predators." (from Mexico travel)



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