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Arriving at Malmo Sweden then to Denmark

Boarding the Train To Copenhagen To visit our friends

Well finally we boarded the train to Denmark it took us 2 hours to arrive....
from the train station we took a bus to my friends house. Being there before was it easy to recall the address and which bus to take....
We were happy to see our friends....we stayed for the weekend.....
I loved being at my friends' house.... We chatted and we relaxed from our Journey... we strolled across the cafes in Denmark...
We then reserved our tickets through the phone to Boars Sweden for Sunday late Afternoon.






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Going from Riga to Luthunia...Then to Poland

we enjoyed the company at Youth Hostel

We arrived to Luthunia....We quickly realized that not much to see in this town.
We checked in hotel for half day then took midnight bus to Poland.
This bus ride was the scariest I had...You can not see anything....everything is foggy.
I am so happy we made it alive. I give credit to the bus driver that he knows what he was doing....It seems that we went through a forest.
My husband can't recall much b/c he slept....I am the only one my eyes were wide open all the 6 hours bus ride.
We Arrived in port city called Gdansk....It was such relief to get out of the bus and walk through the city looking for hotel.
We were not lucky for the first 1 hour looking for hotel/hostel....Until old woman who doesn't speak any English helped us to find Hostel.
At this Hostel we had the best experience ever...we met travelers from all over Europe...We met Luis from Cuba...It was such a nice experience to meet him.
Also two German travelers helped us to book our flight to Malmo Sweden. By the way the flights are very cheap....we been lucky for the 4 of us at that time with WIZ airline cost us 150$.....



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We moved from Tartu TO RIGA


We made it through a bus ride to RIGA. It is a beautiful town....Even better than Tallinn.... We loved the flowers that the people carry in their hands.
Every corner we looked there were many flower Shops and locals young and old buys beautiful flowers....This is the first impression we got from the city.
Again the food was amazing...The locals are very proud of their food and serve it with big smile on their faces.


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Continued Adventure in Estonia, TARTU

The second stop in our Baltic sea

After we Satisfied our thirst from Tallin, we Went to TARTU...it town in the boarder of Russia.
You see many young people in this town b/c it has the best universities and colleges. It is in the middle of no-where.
It is interesting just for one day. It seemed like we were the only Tourists there b/c the local were extremely friendly to us and they were so happy people from the outside visiting their home-town. We ended up in Old Resturant that called Rasbutin which was excluded to the Elite in the soviet Union era. My husband mentioned that the women there naturally very beautiful.

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Traveling through the Baltic sea

We loved the area so much

We found amber everywhere.....even we bought some stones....they were very reasonable in price.

The food As I mentioned is great and here is the picture

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