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Camping in Joshua tree

Thanksgiving in Joshua tree

Well, we got our couch-surfer from New-Zeland with us. We drove all the way at 10 freeway East from Los Angeles toward palms Spring.
The drive is not bad from Los Angeles thought the kids always asked us are we there yet. It took 2 1/2 hour from West Los Angeles.
We camped in Black Rock site. At the campsite we met locals that decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at the campsite. Well, we were amazed at
the quantity of the food that the people have. They were generous and offer us to eat with them for Thanksgiving lunch and dinner.
Pictures will follow....


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Camping outside los Angeles

Food, Family, and fun

Having all the gears for camping make it easy to camp anywhere....IMG_5650.jpg
We been through 4 camping trips so far....Malibu Creek state park, Leo Carillo, and in Mexico.
We are planning another trip to Joshua tree during Thanks giving holiday.
My children love camping b/c they can climb the trees, run, bike, and look for ants or insects. It is great chance to meet other families with children.
These pictures are courtesy from KIM MIN....Thanks Kim for camping with us and taking these great pictures.IMG_5666.jpgIMG_5691.jpg



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Camping with Children

Camping is fun and more affordable than any other vacation

Camping, Camping and Camping is such an amazing adventure in itself.. So After a camping trip in Sweden with my 2 children at the time, sleeping in Tent
in cold weather. I said to myself if I made it through the night then I will survive any other camping trip.
Sure enough, in the morning I was determined to start another chapter of my life and camp as much as possible.
Well back in the United States, My husband is addicted to buying merchandise online so he bought all the equipment essential for camping.
My children love putting the 2 tents together and love biking their bikes, scotters, and eating along the 2 days camping.
Now after 3 camping trips and the 4th in its way we are going for 5 days camping to Mexico.
Pictures will follow..........

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Is it easy traveling with Children?

This Question I always get from friends.

Well, I can't really answer this question in Yes or No....
Traveling with kids sometimes can be fun, enriching but sometimes can be a lot of headache.
Maybe it also the whole attitude towards traveling...I think that traveling with children can be super enriching if we were
patient with ourselves and our kids. My first child was 6 weeks when we took our first flight.... She slept the whole way...
Although it was short flight to UTAH.
Challenging, and being open minded and Patient always the key for great traveling.

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Our Trip to Ecuador APRIL 2011

18 °C

Ecuador, well I think one couch-surfer recommend it and were lucky to find Tickets on sale for 5 people.
So Again no check in Bags...we learned our lesson....we backed everything in two big bags....
We landed in Quito and went out of the city by Taxi to Latchanga...It is 2.5 hours south....
We stayed for the night...the next morning we strolled around and found a huge Farmers Market.
We moved to the next destinations Amabto....We took bus there we arrived after 1 hour....
It is so commercial town....that we just went in Taxi and moved to Banos....Oh mine BANOS is the place to be....
It is has so many activities for the whole family....once we checked in hotel, we went to the Spa.....The hot water comes naturally from the
Volcano...It so nice we spent 2 hours swimming....enjoying the scenery.....We missed the last bus from the Spa to the Town...so What??
we walked down the hill then we caught a Taxi......By the way the currency in Ecuador is Dollars....so no need to exchange money....
We were so happy to be in Banos, the town is very safe and Tourist loved being here b/c it the middle point between the South and North.
We took a tour to Big waterfalls in Banos....We hiked....we ate the best home-made ice-cream.....
There is Drink called Tomato De Rojo....it not tomato rather a fruit like mango but Sour.....It is the one of the delicious Juice we drank there.
We signed for 2 days tour to the jungle.....It was adventure in itself......We saw aligators, monkeys, different kind of medicinal plants....
Maybe one day I will live in the rain forest and learn about all these Medicinal Plants......
we took a canoe down the river....it was poring rain....so it was experience in-itself.....

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