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Traveling to Israel Through Moscow Route

Wow What an adventure....

Our backbags were ready...The children did an amazing job of keeping track of their backbags....
We checked in....the first thing we noticed is that each child is sitting separate so the mother instinct worked here that
I requested the youngest child be at least with me and the other 2 children will be together. Lesson learned book seats in advance!!!
However people were very nice in the airplane that they made sure that my children about 5 rows away from me are ok. Yury sat down next to
a person from North California that is great at drawing so Yury had fun chatting with him about mind craft while the person drawing all the characters
that Yury describes. Emma sat next to family that she was comfortable telling them about her school and travel plans.
Eleven hours and 25 flight to Moscow went Fine watched movies most of the flight and napped between one movie to the other.
So far the flight went well.

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Getting ready for our big Adventure.

Moscow, Israel, London, and more

Getting ready for traveling can be overwhelming, stressful and tiresome. In order to avoid the stress, I asked the children to pack their pack-backs.
Each child will pack his own bag. I am responsible for packing my bag and making sure that everyone else has completed their task.
Usually we don't check any bag in and we take our bags with us. However this time we want to be free from holding the bags and we will check them all in. The airline that we flying with allow 2 bags per passenger for free. Will hope we don't 6 bags for 7 weeks.... A rule that worked in the past for us
we named it the 5 rule which we pack 5 shirt, 5 pants, 5 undies. This rule works if we have access to laundry.

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exploring Moscow and Sweden In Feb 2015

My partner and the kids headed to Moscow in Feb 18.... The question most families ask why traveling in the winter to Europe?
Well we travel first when we find a very cheap airline tickets....We think that traveling not in the major tourist season is huge advantage for us.
The first station was Moscow...Since my partner has been there more than 3 times...he knows how to navigate and travel with the kids in Moscow.
After seeing the main attraction sight they headed to Sweden to stay with my long time childhood friends....Emma and Her family.
The kids made it to Boras....They were super happy to be at Emma and Henrik home after long day of traveling.
Snow activities...the kids enjoy ice-skating, building snow-man.....etc...





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My partner and the kids went to Saint Petersberg Russia

Adventure with the kids

My Partner took the kids to Russia in the fall. As usual tickets off season are pretty affordable.
So the packing started and each child has his own back-bag. The most important is to have warm clothes
that are also easy to carry. Lucky that my partner had the sense of shopping that he shopped for special clothes for cold weather
The kids at first were not excited because I am not going with them. However I assured them that this trip will be full of adventures.
So the kids went on, had 11 hours of travel time in which they slept and watched movies. The first problem they encounter once being there
is the hotel that we are supposed we booked doesn't exist. Well it looks like there is an IT service where provide Beds however could the terminology
that we use is Fraud. So with the help of locals Bader and the kids found another hotel.
Their first day in Saint petersberg Russia was full of adventure...They went to on a boat tour around the city. From Yuliya's point of view, it was raining, cold but I could see smile on her face from the pictures and the videos.
I will upload more pictures as I go on

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We stopped on hulian city where we bought ticket to Taroko national park. It is a must experience with waterfalls and mountains that you don't see the end of them and the color of the rivers are blue greenish beautiful.... Many tunnels and we hulled 2.1 km until we got to the cave that has the watt fall. Yury has surprise that he met his Chinese friend "momo" that we saw 2 days before in Tainan. Yury's wish came true of seeing his friend again. We met another travelers from china and Venezuela Irene she is professor at Huston university and she is traveling in Taiwan and Helen and Michael are Chinese from south China that traveling in Taiwan we had such an amazing experience with them traveling through the National park. We are going to catch the train to Yilan our last stop before heading back to our host family in Taichung. Today we are in Yilan big city with very vibrant night market we are staying in very cheap hotel that cost $40 and it is in the heart of the town with train station walking distance. Bader and Emma met two girls from This local city last night that they offer to show us around in Yilan City. Just to note Taiwan has 30 million population with the most advance technology and trains that run all over the country with very affordable price. Also the food is great and very cheap. If I have the chance to live here I don't need to think again about cooking. Lunch box on the train cost $2 that include rice, pork, vegetables, egg. My children liked the lunch box at the train so much that now I have to do the same lunch back in Los Angeles.
We loved roaming through the city and we had the best breakfast made with eggs and rice floor. We ate until we couldn't move. We walked with Rachel and Jasmine around the city and we went to a nice coffee place called 1988 where we had the best tea ever. 3 different kinds of tea one made with herbs and the other made with Apple, lemon, lime and tomato. The kids ate waffles with the great design ever. Just to note Taiwanese people are the nicest people you can ever meet. They are helpful, generous, hospitable, and will do anything to let you feel welcome. I and my family feel humble and grateful to visit this country and meet all these nice people. Finally, while the kids and Bader with the host family enjoyed swimming in their indoor swimming pool I and Emma after encouragement from my host took a taxi and went to the night market of Taichung. Oh mine I am happy we did it. I and Emma shopped around for beautiful clothes that are very cheap. And ate delicious snacks of sausages and sweet potato. We love Taiwan,,,,,,
And we love to visit again.

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